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LDAP lookup NOT Integration?


A problematic AD integration has been rolled back to the local DC Directory.

However is it possible to simply have a AD lookup rather for the IP phones rather than the full AD integration?

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Re: LDAP lookup NOT Integration?

Yes you can. Please take a look at the following link.

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Re: LDAP lookup NOT Integration?

Yes, with CCM 5.0 you can do a directory sync.

CCM copies AD data to local DB, passwords are looked up in AD, PIN in CCM.

You handle all users in AD only.

No schema extension needed.


Re: LDAP lookup NOT Integration?

Not sure why everyone keeps going on and on and on about ccm 5.0... but it's not out yet. If you have a copy or are using, you are fairly brave or are in beta. For all other CCM 4.x... I would recommend bypassing the local cisco ldap and the AD integration, unless you are using the AD integration for Extension Mobility..... even then it's a pain.

We have been using the Citrix Application Gateway at my current client and it's really nice. It's basically is an LDAP bridge between your AD, LDAP, META, multidomains to callmanager. Couple configs on CallManager and you have a completely integrated Corporate Directory pulling for your AD or even a txt file. The Citrix box basically caches everything locally and serves it th CCM via XML. It's very fast, very flexiable in the fields you can populate and the spelling is amazing. For instance, Cisco's LDAP makes you press the "7" key 4 times to get the letter "S".... with the Citrix box, just keep spelling the name on the keypad and it narrows down to either the name or a list of names to select from. We have 2000 names in our directory and I can look up a name in about 6 seconds and then dial it.

Anyways... I'm not a sales person, but this has helped me on this rollout 3 fold.

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