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ldap not enabled for exchange site

We're trying to load unity enterprise on win2k. We installed exchange 5.5 that ships with the software. However when trying to load the unity piece we get the above message. We can telnet to the server on port 389 so we know that ldap is running. We got ldap enabled on the echange server. we even formatted the server and loaded everything from scratch. We still can't get pass that error message. Can anyone help?<br><br>


Re: ldap not enabled for exchange site

Windows 2000 is not happy with folks using 389 (it uses that port for something else). Win2K is, in fact, the reason why we had to add that extra dialog to the setup application in the first place. Annoying, but you can get around it pretty easily.

Open the Exchange administration application and head to the Configuration container for the site we’re installed in. Expand the Servers container and click on the server Unity is installed on. Under the server name you’ll see the “protocols” container, click on that and in the right panel you’ll see an “LDAP (Directory) settings” option. Double click on that and it’ll bring up a property dialog. On the General tab, change the “Port Number” setting to something other than 389. Personally I use “1024” since it’s safe and easy to remember. Be sure the “Use Site Defaults for all properties” check box is cleared.

Once you’ve done this, restart the server and try the install again. This time stick 1024 in there when the Unity setup asks and you should be cool.

If this isn’t clear, the README file on the Unity CD talks about this as well I believe.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: ldap not enabled for exchange site

Thanx. we figured it out soon after the post. We believe that Active Directory services uses ldap and port 389. Anyway, thanx for the quick response. Robert

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