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Limit H.323 bandwidth per destination

Hi all,

How can I limit the bandwidth for H.323 traffic per link. The GK is the MCM on a 3620. No proxy is used due to the limiting behaviour on the number of simultaneous calls.

HQ1 is linked to HQ2 with a T3 of which 5Mb may be used for H.323. HQ1 also has a 6MB link to Branch1. (up to 2MB may be used for H.323). Branch1 has a 2MB link to Reg1 of which max. 1MB may be used for H.323.

Each site has (or can have) its own GK. If I use the bandwidth remote or interzone statement I limit the aggregated bandwidth to other zones, but I cannot prevent oversubscribing of a certain link! (for Reg1, this is OK as the link with Branch1 is the only link to remote zones and is the lowest in useable bandwidth).

How can I make sure that H.323 is not using more bandwidth and oversubscribing the link or using more that it was supposed to?



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Re: Limit H.323 bandwidth per destination

As of IOS 12.1.5(3) version of MCM, you have the ability to create sub-zones in a single gatekeeper. You can then set each physical location as a separate subzone and create differing b/w policies to each zone. This will give you enough control granularity to maintain different policies to different sites with different WAN b/w availability

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Re: Limit H.323 bandwidth per destination

MCM, as a gatekeeper, supports this now.

Also most Gatekeepers will do this, as will the new PathNavigator from Polycom. It is a total call processing server that includes an H.323 gatekeeper. See:

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