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Limit H323 traffic remote zone to local zone - zone by zone

We have gatekeeper and local zone (MainZone) configured on them.

And two remote zone, for example RZone-1 and RZone-2.

Could you provide me some config example, in which we limit bandwith beetween

* MainZone and RZone-1 to 5000 kb per second

* MainZone and RZone-2 to 3000 Kb per second

* In MainZone - we dont have restriction at all.

Please give me a litttle config example for gatekeeper and specify for which IOS release it features realy work.

I already many paper and documents about Cisco Gatekeeper solution - but i cant found realy working solution.

It very important and need for me.

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Re: Limit H323 traffic remote zone to local zone - zone by zone

This is one of the most important features of a GK. In my case, I'm running a 3640 (IOS 12.2(4)T1), that is the High-Performance GK. If you have anything different, I don't suppose it should be difficult for you to implement this basic feature.

The configuration would look like (under gatekeeper):

bandwidth interzone zone RZone-1 5000

bandwidth interzone zone RZone-2 3000

Supposing that all calls that originate and terminate within MainZone will not be limited, you should simply NOT define any BW at all for it.

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