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Limited MOH?

We are running CallManager 3.1.2c on our server. It works great. However, we have picked up an issue that has me confused. We have 2 separate campuses with IP phones on them. The MOH at the remote campus works great! The MOH at the main campus, where the server is actually located, isn't working if you dial in from the outside world. Between IP phones it works fine. Any ideas what to check? I wouldn't think it is a routing issue lest the phones not be able to get proper addressing. I am stumped!

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Re: Limited MOH?

Are you using locations? I remember an issue in 3.12c with MoH and locations. I believe the fix was to ensure the MoH server was in the location.

If thats not it, then I'm not sure....


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Re: Limited MOH?

Tried the locations. Didn't help. Not sure what is going on.

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Re: Limited MOH?


Verify that the central gateway has access to the MOH resource through the Media Resource Group List configured on the gateway itself or the Media Resource Group List configured on its device pool. If a MRGL is configured in both places, the one configured on the gateway takes precedence.


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