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Limiting voice calls between cluster to low speed sites


I have read that using locations limits bandwidth within a cluster and to limit bandwidth between clusters use the location or gatekeeper for the intercluster trunk


Now how do you limit the bandwidth to a particular site at a remote site in another cluster given the intercluster trunks will have a higher location bandwidth than the site bandwidth allocation using the locations for the site in the remote cluster. Is their a feedback mechanism for the remote location say if it has only 3 calls allowed and the intercluster trunk has 100 calls allowed will the remote cluster reject the call.

To me this makes more sense because that way you can limit the calls to a site as well as having an overall cap between the intercluster trunks.



CCIE #3906


Re: Limiting voice calls between cluster to low speed sites

The remote site will be in a different location in the callmanager than the ICT will be. There will be CAC at the gatekeeper between ICT's. Locations on the CallManager will do the CAC between the ICT and the remote end points. As for feedback, the call wont complete.


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Re: Limiting voice calls between cluster to low speed sites

Thanks for the reply

If my understanding is correct then.

site 1 on call manager 1 cluster 1 calls site 2 on call manager 2 cluster 2.

This would mean that call manager 1 would have CAC configured on it for site 2 over the trunk as well as well as CAC for all calls between call manager 1 to call manager 2 over trunk, is this correct?.

So you can configure the gatekeeper trunk between call manager 1 and call manager 2 with say 100 calls and also a configure call mager 1 with 3 calles to site 2.

Is my understanding correct.

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