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Line Appearances on IP Phones Limited to 2 calls prevents transfering calls

I am having an issue where users receive a second call on their IP phone and would like to transfer the second call to another extension, however the transfer option is greyed out. A TAC engineer that I opened a case with told me that this was because each line had only 2 call appearances and could not handle 3 calls. I was then told the only option would be to assign an additional extension number and line to all phones and change the first line to disable call waiting and forward on busy to the second line. This seems really wasteful of extension as well as the massive amount of time to reprogram all 100+ phones for what should be a standard feature. Does anyone else know a way around this problem. With all old legacy systems transfering a second caller is a standard option, but I am being told it is just not possible on any IP phones without assigning a second extension number to all phones. Any thoughts?


Re: Line Appearances on IP Phones Limited to 2 calls prevents tr

This is unfortunately just how CallManager works right now. Transferring or conferencing on CallManager is unconditionally consultative, not blind, so it would require you temporarily place a third call on that DN. This is not possible.

On all of our customers we deploy, we disable the call waiting feature and have a second line that is the CFB destination for the first line. Effectively, you have call waiting. It does consume two line appearances, but you do have the convenience of swapping back and forth between the two by touching line buttons.

It is rumored that an arbitrary number of calls on a single DN will be supported in CallManager 4.0.

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Re: Line Appearances on IP Phones Limited to 2 calls prevents tr

It would be kind of a kludge but you could have the user place the first call in to a park location and then transfer the second call and then pick up the parked call.

hope this helps


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