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Line Group, Hunt Group and Pilot Point!!!

I posted my questions b4, cderen helped me out for that. Thanks again, but there is a problem, i hope some can help me out here.

Here is my problem, for instance.

HR main number: 1111

secretary: 1112

Director of HR: 1113

At the beginning, all 3 phones has 1111 (share line), but they dont like to ring at the same time, so i create line group, hunt list and hunt pilot (1111).

So i have to convert extension 1111 to virtual pliot number, and i have to use for instance 1114 for HR main number. It wokred really well, it goes 1114 first, then 1112, then 1113.

However if someone use HR main number 1114 to call internal or external, it will show 1114 for internal or (xxx) xxx-1114 for external.

I want to show 1111 and (xxx) xxx-1111 instead of 1114.

Is there anyway to do it??


Cisco Employee

Re: Line Group, Hunt Group and Pilot Point!!!

There are two ways to do it:

1. Put in the full 10 digit mask of xxxxxx1111 in the external mask field of the line.

2. You can send the call thru a translation pattern and change the Caller ID from 1114 to 1111.


Re: Line Group, Hunt Group and Pilot Point!!!

Ok, I understand your first point, that actually for outgoing call (external to PSTN).

I dont understand second one. I tried it but doesnt work.

How you configure Translation Pattern?? For instance, I type 1114 at "translation pattern" field, then type 1111 at "Called Party Transform Mask" field. Then I make a test call from HR main number 1114, it still show 1114 instead of 1111


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