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Line Groups functionality. (CCM 4.0)

Hi there,

I need to provide a "shared" line for a branch office main number. When someone from the PSTN dials the main number, it should ring all the branch IP phones (6). Branch users must be able to see their DN and the main number DN in the IP phone display, also, the main number DN should be able to receive several calls at the same time.

I understand that I can emulate that with the Line groups feature, however, I dont understand how to have one DN with multiple lines fir the main number using this feature.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Line Groups functionality. (CCM 4.0)

You would put the phone DNs in the line group and choose broadcast method, then create a hunt list and add the line group to the hunt list. Then you create a hunt pilot that you assign the public DID to. The hunt pilot will route calls to the hunt list/line group(s).

Hunt Pilot:

Hunt List:

Line Group:

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Re: Line Groups functionality. (CCM 4.0)

Thanks for your answer, I have one doubt:

With that config in place, which DN will appear in the user's IP Phone display when someone from the PSTN calls the main number?

Is it possible to configure the Pilot DN? as a shared line for the users?

The idea of the customers is that users can differentiate a call to their specific DID form a call to the main number.

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Re: Line Groups functionality. (CCM 4.0)

How about putting 2 DNs on the users phone (their DID, and a shared line DN for the main PSTN Number). This way they can see what line is ringing on their phone and they can set a different ring for this line.

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Re: Line Groups functionality. (CCM 4.0)


but int that case, the DN could be the same as the pilot configured?, also, if I configure the same shared line for everyone, I think it won't be able to accept, lest say six simultaneus pohone calls to the main number.

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Re: Line Groups functionality. (CCM 4.0)

I have set this up, but after 3 rings I get a busy. How can I have that number continuously ring? I was looking for some sort of setting but I could not find it.

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