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Line Monitor solution

I have been programming in AXL for a little while but now need to expand into CTI. I need to write a line monitoring app so that a couple of security phones for a customer can be constantly monitored and the activity logged.

I have read the JTAPI and Tapi Dev guide and am having trouble getting a grip with the concepts. Anyone provide me with a better set of examples or perhaps some reference material which will help? Thanks!



Re: Line Monitor solution

Did you download the JTAPI Provider from the plugins page on your CCM? It contains two examples that really helped me.. one is a call making application, the other a monitoring application.. it shows you how to get started with monitoring all events on a particular line (and from that a particular phone). Then all you need to do is do something with the events that interest you.

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Re: Line Monitor solution

Hmm, no I didn't and you can bet that is my next stop. In your experience, what is the limit on how many phones can be monitored? 20,30, 1000 etc?

Re: Line Monitor solution

I have yet to see numbers that deal with the load on the call manager, but the most critical component is your application and the box it runs on. A couple hundred devices is certainly no problem as far as the CCM is concerned (it is then up to you to get the server that has no trouble running the app you have written), and since you need a more powerful to handle several thousand phones, my guess is, it would work out as well (but your app will need a lot more resources). If you have a valid developer support contract, cisco can provide you with a load generation tool that allows you to stress-test your application.

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