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Line Tester feature supported for analog ports?

I am wondering if this feature is available for us to test the analog line number from patch panel by a line tester?

Say I dial a specific number and get audio answer of the DN number I am dialing from.


Re: Line Tester feature supported for analog ports?

If I understand you question you are asking for automated number announcement (when you call your DN is read back to you by an automated system). This is provisioned by the local telco or long distance provider in most cases, depending if the number is toll free (800,888,877...). Check with your local telco account rep and ask for the CO test numbers in your area. Most providers have set up numbers for their field technicians to use for ANA (number announcement), 800KHz test tone, 1200/1600 KHz test tone, and a faxback number.

If the account rep doesn't know or won't give you the numbers ask the tech that makes the next site visit for a repair or install. They usually have a list of these numbers for the areas they work in.

Hope that answers your question.


New Member

Re: Line Tester feature supported for analog ports?

thanks, Tom,

That is exactly the service I am looking for. But I am expecting the service can be provided from callmanager.

I have many analog lines registered with ccm through VG248. I have technician facing the phone closet patch panel using LT phone set. If he can discover the line number by the tester phone set by calling special number in ccm and get the announcement, it will be very easy for him to switch the jumpers right away.


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