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Lines mixup

I though it only happens in analogue but unfotunatly it happens in IP telephony world.

i have a 2811 router, whcih is Voice gateway, SRST, CUE and transcoder.

sometimes a problem happens when some one from an IP phone (internal) calls a person on the outside (PSTN), the IP phone do not hear anything and suddenly he is with a conversation with a guy who called in to the company and dialed another extension!!!!

it happened more than once, i have noticed a cpu usage between 30 to 50 average of the VG router.

any hints?

Good day


Re: Lines mixup


can you post your config? It could be you do not have progress indicators configured on your dial peers ie

dial-peer voice 1 pots

translation-profile incoming potsincoming

destination-pattern 9[1-8].....

progress_ind setup enable 3

progress_ind progress enable 8

progress_ind connect enable 8

progress_ind disconnect enable 8

fax rate disable


port 0/0/0:15

forward-digits 6



Community Member

Re: Lines mixup

Hi and thanks for your help, in fact i did a lot of installations and never had this problem and it is similar to the voice port below:

voice-port 0/0/0

supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call

supervisory custom-cptone voice

input gain 3

output attenuation -3

non-linear mute

no vad

timeouts call-disconnect 5

timeouts wait-release 5

description Mobile Line

caller-id enable




voice class custom-cptone voice

dualtone busy

frequency 435

cadence 330 330

dualtone ringback

frequency 435

cadence 1180 4520

dualtone reorder

frequency 435

cadence 200 200

dualtone disconnect

frequency 435

cadence 200 200


Good day

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