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Live Feed MOH on CME using FxO Port - Distortion

We are implementing MOH on CME using a Live Source via an FxO port on a 3825 Router running 12.4(3b) - CME v3.3 The Live Source is clean, however, when it plays through the router, the quality is terrible (clipping, distortion, etc). The quality does not improve by adjusting the volume of the source and we have tried another FxO port on another WIC. We are using a Radio Design Labs Model ST-TC1 Telephone System Coupler as recommended.

We have also adjusted the impedence on the FxO port with no improvement.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: Live Feed MOH on CME using FxO Port - Distortion

is QoS configured on the 3825? once the stream comes from the FXO it should be prioritized throughout the rest of the network that supports the IP phones. ie: routers & switches.

also you might want to make sure MOH is using multicast vs unicast; can help reduce network resource consumption

see the link below for more info:

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Re: Live Feed MOH on CME using FxO Port - Distortion

QoS is not configured. This is a very basic design with a single 3825 connected to a data switch and a PoE switch for the IP Phones.

Multicast is not necessary in this instance.

The following doc was used for reference:

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