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Live MoH from SRST VGW source


We would like to deploy live MOH from remote site local voice gateway via a FXO port as per the following documentation.

I have a few questions for this:

(1) If we will use FXO interface for live moh source, which adapter we should buy? anyone can have a link for this?

(2) If using live moh, should I configure the voice gateway as H323 or can be MGCP?




Re: Live MoH from SRST VGW source

For the FXO interface you would need an adapter like the following:

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Re: Live MoH from SRST VGW source

Can you not make a cable with an RJ-11 end on one side and a standard stereo jack on the other? It may require a bit of soldering. According to the CCME admin guide you should be able to..."You can directly connect a live-feed source to an FXO port if the signal loop-start live-feed command is configured on the voice port; otherwise, the port must connect through an external third-party adapter to provide a battery feed. An external adapter must supply normal telephone company (telco) battery voltage with the correct polarity to the tip and ring leads of the FXO port and it must provide transformer-based isolation between the external audio source and the tip and ring leads of the FXO port. " I believe you have to have 12.4(11)XJ to run the signal loop-start live-feed command.

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