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local and long distance calls


Please help with the following issue: we have two PSTN gateways, one for Local calls and other for Long Distance calls. Our area code is 650; other area codes are long distance but certain area code such as 415 is local within a radius of 12 miles. How do we define this in our CallManagers for voice traffic ? Thanks for all inputs.

Duc Vu

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Re: local and long distance calls

Use Route Patterns and point them to the correct gateway routegroup/routelist. For example, if you want all calls that dial locally using 650 and 415 point Route Pattern 9.650XXXXXXX and 9.415XXXXXXX to the gateway routegroup/routelist that uses your local PSTN. This is assuming your people have to use 10 digit dialing for all local calls and 9 for an outside line on any call. If 10 digit dialing for local is not used, then perhaps try using a 9 for access to long distance route patterns and a 4 for access to local route patterns (not sure if this one will work though).

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Re: local and long distance calls

Or perhaps, try pointing a Route Pattern 9.XXXXXXX to the gateway routegroup/routelist for local PSTN.

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Re: local and long distance calls

I assume that only certain prefixes are local within 415, so you can add a route group that looks like this. Assume that prefixes 228 and 229 are the ones that are considered local, while all others are LD.

9.41522[89]XXXX to your local gateway

9.415XXXXXXX to your LD gateway

Because there are fewer possiblities for the 228 229 calls to match the first route group, they will be routed there instead of the "catch all" LD route pattern.

Your phone company can give you a list of prefixes that are considered local calls.

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