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local or LD numbers with 011 pattern in them

While it rarely comes up, when one of our users tries to dial a number that contains 011, CallManager cuts the 011 out at the point it's in the number. For instance, one of Cingular's help numbers is 18008011101. When you try to dial it "918008011101" shows as the Dialed Digits and the User Information is correct. But as the call is being processed, the calling number becomes "0000" and the called number becomes "18008101".

I understand that the route pattern 9.011! is going a little nuts here, but does anyone know how to solve it?


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Re: local or LD numbers with 011 pattern in them


never seen sure you don't have a translation rule or dial-peer issue the called should never hit that 9.011 you have a 9.1800 pattern?


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Re: local or LD numbers with 011 pattern in them

There are 3 key Route Patterns that are used in this instance. 9.@, 9.@ with the Toll Free route filter, and 9.011! for routing international calls. I dont think that this is a 1800 issue being as I got the same type of thing on the Dialed number "917183820011". It magically got changed to 17183820.

What also might be important is that the same 9.011! route pattern entry is put in several times for several Departments and locations we have, but they are different Route Groups.

I hope I have elaborated enough information. The company that installed our system is Cisco Gold Certified and I have to assume they knew what they were doing. I am just trying to absorb it all.

Thank you for helping me out.

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Re: local or LD numbers with 011 pattern in them

OK, I've figured out how to play with the Dialed Number Analysis Tool and here is the response I got to the entry. Any ideas?

Calling Party Information

Calling Party = 0000

Partition =

Device CSS =

Line CSS = NYC38W_Phone_CS_CSS

AAR Group Name =


Dialed Digits = 917183820011

Match Result = RouteThisPattern

Matched Pattern Information

Pattern = 9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX

Partition = NYC38W_PSTN_CS

Time Schedule =

Called Party Number = 917183820011

Time Zone = (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

End Device = NYC38W_PSTN_RL

Call Classification = OffNet

InterDigit Timeout = NO

Allow Device Override = Disabled

Outside Dial Tone

PlayedAfter = 9171

Call Flow

Note: Information Not Available

Alternate Matches

Partition :Name= NYC38W_PSTN


Route Pattern = 9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX

Pattern Type = Enterprise

Call Classification = OffNet

CallManager Device Type = AccessDevice

PatternPrecedenceLevel = RoutineOutsideDialtone

DeviceOverride =

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Re: local or LD numbers with 011 pattern in them


so it looks like it's hitting the correct route pattern. When using the analyzer don't use 0000 for calling number. Look in the RL now and see if they are manipulating digits there. I don't believe any filters need to be used for LD or 11 digit dial..Are you guy's trying to do TollBy or anytihng like that. Can you capture the dial-peers on the GWTY....