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Location Of DN Status In Call Manager Database

I would like to write a small web based app that could display Current DN status for specific phones, on a users PC. I have been able to locate the call-forward destination within the Call Manager Database, but I have struck out trying to find the current DN status (i.e ringing, off hook, etc.)

Our organization is too small to use Attendant Console effectively but the ability for our receptionist to be able to see who is on the phone would be great.


Re: Location Of DN Status In Call Manager Database

I don't think you'll find the phone status in the database, as that is maintained in memory by CallManager. To get the functionality you're looking for you'll have to build it or buy it.

There may be applications available that provide the functionality you are looking for, such as attendant console. Perhaps check HotDispatch:

To build it, you can access the phones status though either the PerfMon or TAPI/JTAPI interfaces.

You may already be familiar with PerfMon, which is a tool provided by Windows 2000 to monitor various aspects of the server. Cisco adds a number of counters to the Performance monitor that you can use to track call activity.

For a quick tour of PerfMon, try this:

TAPI and JTAPI can also be used to write a program to monitor what you're looking for, and provides more flexibility than that of PerfMon.

For more information on building a solution you will probably want to join the developer support program if you are not already a member:

Hope that helps...

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