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Locations not allow for appropriate Call Admission

CCM 3.3.3 (SR-1)

I have centralized Call Processing with remote locations. I have remote regions to use g.729. The remote location has been setup to allow for 1 g.78 call. We have the location setup to for 24KBS. When I place a call from HQ to the remote region I get a fast busy (Not Enough Bandwidth). If a change the region to g.711 and the location to 80KBS, everything works fine. When I set the region back to g.729 and the location to 24KBS, I get (not enought bandwidth)

Also.... If I up the location to 80KBS and leave the codec on the region to g.729 and make a call and press the Information button, it indicates that the call is indeed g.729, however this only works when I have the location set to 80KBS.


AND Yes I have reset everthing assoicated to it multiple times.

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Re: Locations not allow for appropriate Call Admission


This issue has a defect assinged to it. It seems that if you first have both of this device in a region where they use G711 and then change one region (remote) to use G729 with bandwidth configured as 24kbps the call does not go through. This is becuase the request is still for 80kbps. The defect id is CSCec47601.


Stop / Start CCM services.



Re: Locations not allow for appropriate Call Admission

Have you tried assigning the bandwidth as 25KBPS.

This way call manager sees that you bandwidth requirement is less than your request, and so it is possible. I always allow just a little extra in the call manager calculations.

Call manager will still only allow through the number of calls you were expecting, it just doesn't know its mathematical operators correctly. <= istead of just <


Re: Locations not allow for appropriate Call Admission


You are not the first person I've heard say this before, but I can assure you this is no longer the case -- at least, not in 3.3(2c) and above.

If you want to allow one G729 call (again, 3.3(2c) or newer) you can set Location bandwidth to 24 and CCM will admit one call.

This probably was not always the case, as I've heard this too many times to not have been accurate at one time.

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