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do have a question regarding locations. I though I do understand locations but seems to me that I dont

We do have main office, and 3 branch offices. So I set up 4 locations Main Location - 8000kbps and on each Branch office - 50kbps.

I set up Locations - main location on all phones in main office - branch location on all phones in branch office (including gateways). So far so good I reckon

But, when I make a call between 2 phones in the branch office (using G711) it just sayes 'Not Enough Bandwith'. So it decrements the location counter and does not alow the call.

Does anyone have any idea how to set the locations in this scenario? I was thinking about setting up separate locations for the router (gateways) in branch offices, but it'll decrease the conunter anyway, when a call will be set up from branch office to the GW using g711.

I went thru a lot of documentation, but did not find anything.

Thank you for all your posts in advance.



Re: Locations

G.711 uses 84k for each call. If you set up your branch locations for 50k that is why you are getting "No enough bandwidth". You can do one of two things. Increase the bandwidth. Or configure your regions to use G.729 which will only use 24k per call.

Re: Locations

If you implemented compressed RTP (cRTP) on your WAN connections, you can lower the RTP stream to approx. 12K per call.


Re: Locations

Allan is correct, but CM does not know that cRTP is being used. CM will deduct 24K for 729 calls, and 80K for 711 calls.

There are several situations in which the actual bandwidth used is greater or lower than these numbers (VoIP/PPP/ATM, cRTP, voIP/FR, etc) and you need to take this into account manually.

You need to first determine how much actual BW the call will use on the WAN link, then you need to determine how many voice calls you want to allow on the WAN link using that much BW. Then take that number and multiply it by the 24k or 80k and configure that in your locations configuration.

Example: a VoIP/PPP/ATM g.729 call will use 42k on the actual circuit. This changes the number of calls allowed significantly, so you cannot configure CM locations assuming it will only use 24k.


Re: Locations

Also, you have mentioned that you created a location for your Main site. Do not do this.

CM assumes a Hub & Spoke topology. Every location that you create, CM will think that it is a remote site. The NONE location is considered the Main Site.

The BW you configure defines the BW available over the WAN, not the BW available within the site.

When a call is made within a single site, CM assumes that the BW is plentiful and does not track the BW usage.

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