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Lock keys on IpPhones


I am developing a service on phones 7941 and 7911 (CUCM v6). The service is OK and works well but I would like to know if it possible to lock keys (Services key, SpeedDial...) while the service is active.

As a matter of fact, my service is displaying a text message and users can leave the page only if they authenticate or validate the page through a specific button. I do that with an asp page and AXL pressing an validating/auth button. The problem is that the user can leave the service pushing the "service key" for example without validating the page.

So can we lock some keys on the phone through an ipps avoiding a user to leave the service before the adminitrator wants it (before pushing the validating button in my case) ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Brest Regards.


Re: Lock keys on IpPhones

If you check out the latest schema for cisco ip phone services, there's a new tag that deals with keys (don't recall the name offhand but there has been a thread about this not so long ago.. so just go back a handful of pages and you should find it) which basically allows you to get some kind of info when a key is pressed.. by the looks of it you can have 23 such mappings so it should cover all kinds of keys - -however, the person who found it hasn't had any succcess except with digit buttons.. but perhaps that's something that will be built upon in newer phone loads.

Other than that, I don't really see a way. And regardless.. the user could always reboot the phone. What kind of application would you want the user unable to quit anyway?

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Re: Lock keys on IpPhones

Hello and thank you.

I've read the post you were talking about.

This tag "KeyItem" doesn't seem to concern the "Services" button. That's the problem for me.

I don't really understand how people can developp a "lock phone service". To sum up, I don't want the user to be able to quit the page without authenticating. I know some people carried out to make a "phone lock" service successfully (with authentication to unlock). I roughly want to do the same thing.

I know the user will be able to quit the service rebooting their phone. But I hope they won't think about it... ;-)

Thank's again for your answer.

Best regards.

Re: Lock keys on IpPhones

But what exactly is your problem with the user being able to terminate the service?

If I were to write a lock application, I'd do it the following way:

1)User enters service

2)User is asked to enter their PIN.

3)Application checks pin against the CCM and if valid, reconfigures the phone so that no external calls can be made anymore.

If the user presses the service button during 1 or 2.. nothing will happen. If the user presses the service button after having done 2.. he/she may not see the result on screen but it would still be executed.

I don't see how you could possibly bypass authentication in that scenario.

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