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Log out EM and calls go into voice mail.

Does anybody notice a very interesting and also important thing about EM?

I logged out from the EM and happened to dial the EM profile extension , it goes into voice mail instead of hearing a busy tone. Isn't this a great feature? Has anybody see this feature documented anywhere? We know as soon as you log out the EM, there is no such extension on the phone except the extensions on the profile. CCM should usually gives you a busy tone. Maybe,this is how the EM designed for.

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Re: Log out EM and calls go into voice mail.

CallManager is just doing what you programmed it to do. I'm sure you have forward-busy and forward-no-answer set to go to voicemail, right? CallManager knows the DN is not available once you log out so it follows the forwarding behavior.


Re: Log out EM and calls go into voice mail.

This is working as designed. The phone is treated like an unregistered phone, if you have CFB/CFNA configured an intercept is added to the dialing forest causing calls to be forwarded when they are unregistered.

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