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Logging into domain

Our previous Unity 3.1.3 install did not require the user to log into the domain to play vmails via Outlook. Unity 3.1.4 now displays an error indicating that the the user is not associated with a Subscriber account when attempting to play the message. If the same user logs into the domain, it works fine. This affects about 600 users in our company. Any workaround besides reconfiguring 600 desktops?

Cisco Employee

Re: Logging into domain

Uniyt has always required domain authentication for client access... this isn't something new that's been slipped in. Unsure what else changed between the time you were running 3.1(3) and the time you upgraded to 3.1(4) but there's been no logic change in the authentication scheme for some time. Unity 4.0 will offer an alternative to NTLM for sites that wish to take advantage of it but that'll be the first major revision in this setup in a couple years.

How are folks getting attached to their Exchange inboxes via Outlook if you aren't authenticating on the domain?

New Member

Re: Logging into domain

Users are simply logging into Outlook separately using a domain login. The best solution appears to be changing all users to log into the domain, instead of locally, and it would alleviate the need to log into Outlook alltogether. Just odd that our 3.1.3 allowed us to do this. I should clarify that Unified messaging works and can be played to the speakers of the PC, but the error occurs when the message is attempted to be played to an IP phone. Thanks for the insight.

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