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Logo Burned in to IP Phone Display

Recently I updated call manager and created the necessary .ASP file to display a company logo on our IP phone system (7940,7960 series). All was working well. Call manager was setup to use the idle time of the phones after a 5 second delay. We let the phones sit for about 12 hours and started to notice that the Logo was becomming burned into the LCD display. I noticed that the lines and soft key tabs do not have this problem. This lead me to believe that there is something either wrong with the image I'm using, that there is a property that I can set to help prevent this, or I'm going to have to program the idle time to refresh every now and then and pull up a blank screen then go back to the logo... Any ideas on Why the Image would be burned into the display?


Re: Logo Burned in to IP Phone Display

I've had my logo on the screen for 6 months, and I'm not in the office that much. No burn in on it. That's pretty interesting though, is the contrast turned really dark for any reason?


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Re: Logo Burned in to IP Phone Display

Just using the defaults that came with the phone. Now the image I converted was a pure black and white image, so I do have alot of SOLID black next to eachother; but I don't see how that would be any different. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Thanks for letting me know I'm alone on this one.

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Re: Logo Burned in to IP Phone Display

Luke, could you help us with an example of HOW you got the STL Tech Partners company logo into the phone? I'll bet it looks SHARP!

F C Wood '78

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Re: Logo Burned in to IP Phone Display

Start here...

That tells you how to configure server. Next, write ASP code to display the logo.

Sounds easy :)

I used the SDK for Cisco IP Phone Development gif2cip.exe to convert an image from gif to cip format. The SDK is easily found on Cisco's site

for IP Application Development. The cip format is nothing more than a text file with XML parameters. Now, when converting the Image, you can not have it be more than 130x60 PIXLES. (those are rough numbers the actual is like 133x64 or something)

Copy the contents of the .CIP file to the asp page.

At the top of the page before what you copied in put the following line


If you can't view the page in a normal browser window, then there are some issues with the image you selected. Now when I say view, your simply looking at the node structure of the XML not the acutal image. If the XML shows up, then your 1/2 way home. If it does not, theres something wrong with the ASP code, your browser, or your IIS configuration

So... and end result would look something like... In an .ASP page

(the below is by no means 100% accurate I'm doing this from memory)






Something interesting to note is that the Data portion of the converted graphic is acutally packed hex format converted from Binary to Hex values but transposing the order of each 2 units so...

1100 1100 would become

0011 0011 then convereted to hex


Furthermore, the 1100 can be broken into 2 acutal phone pixels

the 11 and 00

11 represents the color "black" while 00 would represent "white" the only other 2 options are a 01 or a 10 which are shades of gray.

Needless to say, dynamically creating a graphic using the above conversion schema is not the most entertaining thing to do; so do yourself a favor and use the gif2cip.exe. The really cool part is that you can call this function dynamically and create the .CIP images on the fly.

If this didn't help, feel free to email me at I'll try to answer when I get a chance.

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Re: Logo Burned in to IP Phone Display

Having just worked my way through doing this, the process is exactly as Luke described it. I want to add my "gotchas" to the list for those working through it and running into a problem.

The javascript does not like spaces or carriage returns. In my case I used Notepad to edit everything. Make sure that you eliminate all of your spaces etc. Otherwise, the javascript breaks and assumes that you have an unterminated script.

Also, when testing the script on a local machine, your results will NOT be a logo but will be text. When you put the script on the CM and the phone picks it up, that's when you will see the logo.

Hopefully this will assist people with some of the issues that they have been having.

Thanks to Luke for all of his help !!

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Re: Logo Burned in to IP Phone Display

In response to my own original post, you do need to be a little leary about the image you use. I had a TAC Case opened for the burned in logo portion and received a reply that stated, well don't do it then. Sounded like great advice. So as an alternative (I'm not too satisified with doing this) I had the page redirect to a blank page every 30 minutes and after a minute of being on the blank page for 1 minute, I redirect back to the logo page. I guess it gives the LCD a chance to relax...

So word of warning. be careful about using dark images (ones who use black as alot instead of multi color)

I still don't understand why the black bar at the top is not "Burned into the LCD" and my logo can be....

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