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long delay after entering password in Unity

I am getting periodic reports from one customer that users are having problems getting into Unity. They hit the "Messages" button on their IP phone, and Unity immediately prompts them for their password. The problem is, after entering the password, there is a very long delay before Unity responds with "you have X new message(s)". On one occasion, the customer waited for 2 minutes 45 seconds before finally hanging up. It seems to happen every couple or three weeks and does not seem to last very long.

Unity 3.1(4) is installed and the customer is doing off-box Exchange 2k. I am wondering if it is some sort of communication problem between Unity and Exchange. I see messages in the Event Log such as the following:

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: AvDirSynch_MC

Event Category: Warning

Event ID: 1056

Date: 7/19/2002

Time: 12:31:00 PM

User: N/A

Computer: UNIFY


Skipping synchronization cycle due to error connecting to LDAP server. Ensure that the server is accessible, Exchange services are running on the server, and the monitor service account is configured correctly.

The customer is saying this is caused by their Exchange server at another site being down. No users mailboxes are homed to that server, though, so I don't know why Unity would even be trying to talk to it or why it would have an impact on this delay problem.

I don't want to open a TAC case because my experience has been that if the problem is not happening right then or some errors are showing up, TAC is not very helpful. I would like to understand better the process flow when a user logs in to check messages. I've read the white paper "White Paper: Cisco Unity Data Architecture and How Cisco Unity Works" but it only discusses what happens when messages are left. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Re: long delay after entering password in Unity

You might want to check out this tech tip:

it's specifically for identifying delays in deleting and forwarding messages but it does cover the login scenario.

When Unity collects your password we then truck out and log into your mailbox using the same type of MAPI calls that a desktop client such as Outlook uses. Once we log in we filter the inbox to get message counts and the like. If there's a delay logging into the mailbox you'll see that with the MBXText.exe app discussed in that note. If the delay happens after login during the filter it's usually an issue of a rather large inbox (we've seen inboxes with more than 50,000 messages in them... yeah, that's going to take a bit to filter). This can also be related to private stores that have gotten very fragmented. Making sure the nightly cleanup process is completing is a good check and also making sure the private store gets rebuilt from time to time is not a bad idea. Probably not the principal cause here since you'd be getting delays pretty reguarly.

If their other Exchange server is off line perhaps there are other external problems (DNS issues for instance or big network latency issues) that are causing lag times here. Regardless, your customer is on the right track... this is not a Unity issue (i.e. we aren't just deciding to take a quick nap for now reason... we're waiting on MAPI calls almost certainly).

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Re: long delay after entering password in Unity

I have read the paper, working with TAC on this. I am able to duplicate the problem of login delay on our test unity and associated exchange server by reseting the indicses during a maintenance period. Your suggestion about rebuilding the private store refers to using eseutil with exchange 55 offline? because our e55 stores are so large the online maintenance never completes the defrag until the weekend when the maintenace period is longer. how does fragementation impact the experience of login delay?

what i dont understand is that unity logins to each subscribers mailbox at unity boot start up. isnt this login with a filtered view index on message type?

doesnt this force a reindex? what about a resynch of the mwi? doesnt this force a reindexing if necessary? could resynching the mwi nightly keep the indices uptodate and minimize the frequency of login delays?


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Re: long delay after entering password in Unity

I was getting the same error message with the same setup - Unity 3.1.4 and Exchange 2000 off-box. The problems that I had were different - basically, I couldn't add or import new subscribers at all. It turns out that that the customer changed their active directory environment - they retired one of their domain controllers. From a Windows standpoint, they did everything correctly, but there were 4 AV registry settings on the Unity server that were hardcoded to the old DC. I changed these to the new DC and solved my issues.

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Re: long delay after entering password in Unity

What were these keys? Perhaps since this server was not part of the network when Unity was first installed, these keys did not get set up.

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Re: long delay after entering password in Unity

Try these:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchAD\1.00\Domains\{domain}\DefaultDomainController

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchGlobalCatalog\1.00\Directory\DefaultGlobalCatalogServer

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Directory Connectors\DirSynchGlobalCatalog\1.00\Directory\PreviousDC

I'm not sure what that fourth one might be, but looking around in that Directory Connectors key in regedit, you'll see quite a few settings that point to the domain controllers and mailstores. Ideally, uninstalling and reinstalling the Configuration Setup resets these to new values. This works very well with Exchange 5.5, but we see issues almost every day where it doesn't quite get everything when you're integrating with Exchange 2k. That's when it's good to root around in the registry, looking at these settings.

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Re: long delay after entering password in Unity

it should only be necessary to change the first two Adam listed there and restart. If you have multiple domains you're supporting then there will be a seperate key for each domain under the Domains path there... make sure each domain has an accurate domain controler listed (this may be where the 4 number came from).

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Re: long delay after entering password in Unity

I'm a little confused here. What "Adam" are you talking about and what "4 number" are you referencing?

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