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Losing Disc Space on Unity Machine

On the C drive on our Unity machine disc space is dropping (50 mb in 7 days) for no apparent reason. We are now down to about 30 mb free. Nothing is on this drive except Windows 2000 and the SQL server. Unity itself and all other applications are on a seperate disc. Can you think of any reason why disc space would be dropping like this? <br><br>


Re: Losing Disc Space on Unity Machine

What version of Unity do you have? It might be this bug.


The following error message appears on application log every second.

The application log will eventually be full. Also, the EVENTS table under ReportsDB SQL database will grow and fill up the hard disk.

EventID: 100 Source: AvVs_MC Type: Error

Exception occurred and handled in File: h:\CommSvr\Sources\Common\Src\AvVariant.cpp at Line: 1582 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:
0x0040F7AD AVSCAV~1.EXE:
0xFEDCBA98 : :
0x89ABCDEF : :
0x77D5298F RPCRT4.dll: RpcRevertToSelf + 858 bytes

We may also the following error in application log:

Source: MSSqlServer

Could not allocate space for objects "Events" in database "ReportDB" because the "PRIMARY" file group is full.


1. Stop the "AvRepDirSvrSvc" Service.
2. Clear the Application Event Log
3. Restart the service.

This is a temporary solution and it is likely that the problem wil recur.
Customers may prefer to DISABLE the AvRepDirSvrSvc service entirely, which
will solve the problem, albeit in a rather blunt fashion. Disabling this
service will not affect Unity's normal operation. However, the system will
no longer be able to generate reports.


Keith Chambers
Unity Technical Lead
Unified Voice Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems


Re: Losing Disc Space on Unity Machine

I have version 3.12 of Unity.
The previous solution you offered is not applicable. The hard drive is not filling up due to a lot of recorded events. The Application Event log and the Events table are not big.
Do you know of any other reason why the hard drive would be losing space?


Re: Losing Disc Space on Unity Machine

You might want to check out an app like DiskPie 2. It will show you what is eating the space and the program is free. You can find it out on Google.


Keith Chambers
Diagnostic Engineer
Voice Network Team, San Jose
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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