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Lost Calls, Wierd Problem... HELP!

Anyone ever experience this?

Overview: 3.1.3a CCM, 1024G Ram, 100 Phones, vg200 w/ 2-MFT, 1 PRI to Local Carrier, 1 T1-Cas to LD provider

Problem: Local calls are going through 90% of the time, LD Calls are going through 30% of the time. Voip user will get a Fast busy, BUT the destination party they were dialing will sometimes Ring and when you pick it up, there is silence.

This system has been working great with no changes up to about a week ago. I have not been able to catch a good trace either way, but I can't figure out where this would be rooting from. I figured it might be a vg200 problem since it is happening on both local and ld calls, but don't have a solid idea of what would cause this. I was thinking maybe a bad dsp or something. The carriers don't see anything wierd on their side which baffles me even more.

Please advise if you have any direction on this issue.


Community Member

Re: Lost Calls, Wierd Problem... HELP!

hi there.

i had a similar problem, but this was in conjunction with a vpn over pixes.

some combinations of call-flows just gave dead air. what fixed the problem was to bind the originating h323-address :

h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr

but we use a 3660 as gatway..

let me know if it helped....



Community Member

Re: Lost Calls, Wierd Problem... HELP!

It could very well be bad dsp's though too. I had this happen to me and the only way to find them was to busy out the lines one at a time until I found the clunker. The problem wouldn't happen until we had 5 calls up, then the 6th would have the "dead air" sound. You should also see the same problem on the corresponding dsp for the outgoing calls. Good luck with that! and let me know what happens.


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