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Lotus Notes connector in Exchange

I am probably simplifying again, but doesn't exchange have connector to lotus(notes) and as such shouldn't unity communicate with notes. <br><br>-Craig<br><br><br>


Re: Lotus Notes connector in Exchange

yes, I get this question a lot... it would be nice if it worked, but unfortunately it doesn't really do what we need it to. The basic problem is it essentially just sets up SMTP gateways and creates proxy users in Exchange and Lotus to shuttle messages back and forth between the systems. The primary problem is this does not allow us to access messages on the Lotus servers from the Unity box. The connector is setup to move messages to one store or the other, not keep the stores synchronized. In short the problems are:

When messages are in the Lotus store we can't get at them when you call in over the phone to Unity.
There's no message synchronization. So when you read the message in Notes, we don't know about it on the Unity server and can't turn off your lamp. Further when messages to directly to the Lotus store without coming through Unity, we don't know about them and can't trigger notification for, say, faxes and emails.
No VMO equivalent in Notes.
Messages are simply email with WAV attachments.

It falls a little short of what we would consider a "Lotus solution" and also didn't make Lotus happy (or any of our partners for that matter). Lotus made it clear they didn't want us presenting customers with a Lotus solution that required Exchange on our box, which I suppose I can understand.

We are dilligently working on a unified Lotus solution as I type.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice Corp

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Re: Lotus Notes connector in Exchange

With the Cisco acquisition, how does the time frame look for an actual Lotus Notes version of Unity? Is it really being actively worked on still?

AVP/I.T. Director
The Bankers Bank


Re: Lotus Notes connector in Exchange

I don't have any time frame information but there are engineers working on it. I'm not on that team but they do meet regularly and they are checking in new code etc... It wont be part of the 3.0 deliverable, I do know that much.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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