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Loud Static on IP Phone side

system is a ICS7750 running 2 PRI's via MRP's (H323),

has been in place for about a year and just recently

had 4 complaints about loud Static on the IP phone (external party doesn't hear the static) about 10 -15 minutes into the call. They have to hang up and call back as unable to hear the external party.

there has been no (known) config changes recently.

anyone else having this or similar problem


Re: Loud Static on IP Phone side

Sounds like a PRI issue. I had a similiar issue at a location. The Telco found noise on the line. They fixed it, and we were off and running.


New Member

Re: Loud Static on IP Phone side

had telco monitor both PRI lines

and showed no deviations - they looked solid

there has been no major additions or changes (that I am aware of) But this is a fairly populated ICS7750 (400 phones), possbly is at tails end ?

again the noise is only on the IP Phone side - loud static noise, so loud, they can not hear the external party and need to hang up and call them back.

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Re: Loud Static on IP Phone side

I am experiencing the exact same issue with a customer running an ICS. It very lightly loaded with 25 users, 20 softphone and 5 IP Phones. They have 2 PRI circuits. There is an MRP300 and an MRP200 running 12.2-11yv code. CM 3.3.3SR4

I have trouble believing it is a telco issue.

Did you end up solving this problem?

New Member

Re: Loud Static on IP Phone side

yes we did.

actually had fixed first problem (bad connector on PRI) and introducing another by moving the PRI's.

We had the PRI's going through a wiring closet that contained the paging system and everytime there was a page, it introduced errors on the PRI and if the errors were great enough, it caused this noise on the line.

The problem was the PRI's (telco issue) in our case

hope this helps

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