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low sound volume on Unity messages

I have been evaluating Call Manager/Unity on our network over the last few weeks. My problem is with voice mail messages left by any callers. I have left messages from cell phones, outside lines, and other local Cisco phones. In all cases the message body is of a significantly lower volume than the canned "IVR type" messages that come from Unity. I have listened to the messages from the earpiece, the speaker, and as a Wave file in Outlook, all are very soft and hard to hear.

Would making changes in:

HKLM | Software | Active Voice | Miu | 1.0 | Initialization | ServiceProvider, there are 6 keys

Median Volume

Lower Volume Conversion Factor

Upper Volume Conversion Factor

have any effect? Does anyone know valid settings for these keys?


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Re: low sound volume on Unity messages

I may have solved myself. In this configuration I my outside lines are analog phone company lines that feed 2 FX0 ports on a VG200. I went into the VG200 and configured it like this:

voice-port 1/0/0

input gain 14


voice-port 1/0/1

input gain 14

Input Gain can range from -6 to 14, even at 14 it is not quite at the level of the recorded unity voice scripts, but at least now it is acceptable.


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Re: low sound volume on Unity messages

You don't want to do it that way...that is going to affect incoming calls to phones also, and likely, you are going to get nasty echo doing what you are doing with the gain. What you probably need to do is to change the playback gain on Unity... below is a post with information on that... also, you CAN get a utility from (jeff linborg, unity product architects page) that works but isn't supported by TAC yet, to modify the gain with a GUI app.. I think its called, appropriatedly enough, WaveGain

----------------post from

----------------be very careful changing things here, I would use WaveGain

The following registry key/values control the gain on playback and record:


WaveDBGainRecord (DWORD)


WaveDBGainPlayback (DWORD)

The values used in the registry represent dB(in hex), with positive for gain and negative for attenuation. (For example: 0xFFFFFFFD = -3dB) Setting the values to zero will disable the gain control completely.

It should be noted that the initial configuration for these settings are should be -10db (0xFFFFFFF6) for playback and +5 (0x00000005) for record by default, so please keep that in mind as you make changes. Additionally, ranges beyond (+-)10-15 can cause distortion, loss of playback, or complete silence.

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Re: low sound volume on Unity messages


That was a pretty good tip. I set the FX0 ports back to default and modified the Registry of the Unity and it seems to be working well.


If you read this, great site! I hope Cisco will considering incorporating this valuable info into their supported offerings.


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