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Mailbox Access

We have tried to use your Folder Views to limit who can see voice-only mailboxes. We have had very little luck getting it to work well. (wish you had a different solution). So, we have chosen to just restrict messages to Voice only mailboxes. We need to know what user Unity uses to deliver voice messages to a user mailbox, so we can restrict delivery to only that user.<br>Thanks<br>Mike<br><br>


Re: Mailbox Access

Hi Mike.

We do have other folks out there using the Folder Views with success… I know it’s kind of a pain. Can you maybe expand on what’s not working or is it just the overhead of dealing with it in general?

The primary problem is that Exchange doesn’t allow you to find someone in the directory via LDAP if they are hidden from the address book. Very annoying and we were hoping this would be addressed in 2000 but that’s not the case unfortunately. We are working on ways to get around this in future releases but it’s a pretty tricky piece of work. Using Exchange (and soon Active Directory) natively for your directory services has a lot of advantages, but it comes with some baggage such as this.

I’m not real sure what you guys are trying to do. When you say you want to restrict messages to voice only mailboxes, are you looking to keep non voice messages from hitting these boxes? How are you going to do that? Or are you trying to keep voice messages from outside callers from going to non voicemail users?

When sending subscriber to subscriber messages, we are actually logged into the user’s box itself, we don’t use “send on behalf” type schemes to deliver messages in this case. For outside (unidentified) callers leaving a subscriber a voice message, these are left from the “Unity Messaging System - ” account. If you hide this account or restrict it in some way, however, you are very likely going to give yourself some headaches. We don't reccomend fiddling with this guy since it's also used for redirecting undeliverable messages among other things. I’d like to know more about what you’re trying to do specifically. If you could expand a little for me, that be great.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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