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Making Call from Service (XML) and (JTAPI)

We have a Cisco IP Phone Service for survey's process, when the user accessed the service sends him a phone number to do the survey, we want to make the call and continue with the survey questions but when we do the connection the service closes and the user have to start again, obviously he obtain another phone number.

What i can do to avoid the service exits and be able to continue my process with my call made?

//Call Dial

protected void makecall ()

throws ResourceUnavailableException, InvalidStateException,

PrivilegeViolationException, MethodNotSupportedException,

InvalidPartyException, InvalidArgumentException {

println ( "Making call #" + ++iteration + " from " + srcAddress + " to " + destAddress + " " + Thread.currentThread ().getName () );

Call call = srcAddress.getProvider ().createCall ();

call.connect ( srcAddress.getTerminals ()[0], srcAddress, destAddress );

setCallProgressState ( false );

println ( "Done making call" );




Re: Making Call from Service (XML) and (JTAPI)

Cisco Web Dialer, which is installed on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server and used in conjunction with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, allows Cisco Unified IP Phone users to make calls from web and desktop applications. For example, Cisco Web Dialer uses hyperlinked telephone numbers in a company directory to allow users to make calls from a web page by clicking the telephone number of the person that they are trying to call.

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