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Managing IP phones in a large enviroments (physically and virtually)

seems everywhere I go to help out my corporate clients, I see different ways of tracking PBX ext and IP phones. Excel seems to be standard. A list of DID and nonDIDs from the PSTN, matched up to a user name on the spreadsheet. I have another client that uses FileMaker databases.

Are there any good programs for handling this? Or will CDP and CallManager be all I need for a 1000 phone rollout. (Mac address to ext to location, etc)

We are having a "worrying" issue also people who would "sign in" to a phone and stay there for the IP phone. It will get lost in the shuffles, etc. Also, if employees leave, HR forgets to tell us they are gone, someone moves that phone and we have to track it down.

Anyone have a policy or procedure they would like to share on this to simplfy this whole process. With the PBX it was simply because they couldnt move the phones to other jacks. Now, they can and we fear phones will get lost, or put in drawers or?

Thanks much!


Re: Managing IP phones in a large enviroments (physically and vi

CDP and CCM should suffice.

Re: Managing IP phones in a large enviroments (physically and vi

I'm using CEM also... so that should cover phone where the phones physically on the floor. But I am looking a management solution for the VG248. It looks like right now, we will have over 5 VG248 devices, which would be equal to well over 200 Analog devices. Tracking this is a must for the ports, to punch down pairs, to device. This is where the tracking suggestions come in handy!

Thanks much!


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