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Mask DN on all Internal

Quick Question…Is there away to mask an end-users DN on an internal call? The customer will like to pass the Name but not the DN to other stations for a select group…I have tried the following: Partition called Mask , CSS Mask translation XXXX( so they can dial any 4 digit dn) w/ a Mask partition….no matter what I try the DN always appears in brackets (5007)…what do you think, can it be done?


Re: Mask DN on all Internal

There is no obvious way of masking the internal caller ID. The only workaround I can think of, is to have a CSS that can only call a translation pattern for a DN. That translation pattern should have a calling party transform mask that will convert the calling party number to something else say (2222). You would have to do this on all phones that you do not want the internal caller ID displayed.

You could also refer to a similar discussion on another thread


Re: Mask DN on all Internal

If your phone extension and the translation pattern (XXXX) that you created both are in the same partition, then the translation pattern will not be used, as there is a full match for the dialed number.

You can try this steps, and this should work.

Create a partition called "Mask" and "Internal".

Create a CSS called "CSS_Mask" and select partition "Mask"

Create a CSS called "CSS_Internal" and select partition "Internal"

Put the phone DNs in partition called "Internal".

Assign "CSS_Mask" to the phone device.

Create a translation pattern XXXX with partition "Mask" and "CSS_Internal"

Calling Party Presentation will have "Restricted" selected.

Called Party Transfor Mask will be XXXX

*** You need to make appropiate change to the CSS to have the phone dial external numbers also.

Hope this helps!


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