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Masking Internal Caller ID

Is there a way to mask caller ID from IP phone to IP phone in CallManager 3.1.4b? I heard it was possible using Calling Search Spaces, Translations, and Partitions, but I've been unsuccessful at implementing a working solution. Please advise.


Re: Masking Internal Caller ID

This is possible using CSS, Partitions and Translations. Following is a step by step procedure to enable masking internal callerIDs between 2 IP phones. Lets say the 2 DNs which we want to mask from one another is 5001,5002.

1. You have to create 3 new partitions P1, P2 and P3.

2.Also create Calling Search Space CSS1 and CSS2.

3. Add P3 to CSS1 and P2 to CSS2.

4.Add DN 5001 to P1 and DN 5002 to P2

Update all the above settings and reset both the phones.

Then create a Translation Pattern with the following:

Translation Pattern = 5XXX

Partition = P3

Calling Search Space = CCS2

Calling Party Translation Mask =

Discard Digits =

Called Party Transformation Mask = 5XXX

Now assign CCS1 to DN 5001

Once again update all the above new settings and then reset the phones. Now if you call from DN1 to DN2 it should work..The same procedure can be used for the rest of the IP Phones

I hope, this procedure will help you solve your query.

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Re: Masking Internal Caller ID

Does anyone known why this would not work if applying it to a current set. If I follow the above on the system all works ok and I can mask the internal number. the problem starts when I try and send a call to a phone in the existing partion via the ccs in the xlate, it displays the internal number not the mask i have put in.

Any idea greatfully acepted.



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