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Masking outbound calls

Hi all,

I want to mask all outbound calls on one IP phone. e.g. if one user with ext 2821-1234 dial a call to mobile phone, I want the mobile phone's display show 2821-3456 instead of 2821-1234.

I try to use the external phone mask but not successful. Is that anyting wrong? Would anyone tell me how to setup the mask?

Thx a lot

Best Regards

New Member

Re: Masking outbound calls

If you have an external mask set on the phone then make sure you check "Use External Phone Number Mask" on the route pattern. Keep in mind that it will use the mask for all calls matching the pattern, so you might need to create a new Search Space/Partition to keep others from matching as well. Also, make sure you are set up with your telco to send CLID info. If not, they may be setting the clid of all calls to the same number for you.

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