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Massive logout of IP phones

Reading DMA 5.1.3 user guide, it explains you have to logout all IP phones using Extension Mobility service before running DMA to upgrade from CUCM 4.x to 5.1.3. Is there any way to logout all phones in one step or you have to logout one by one?


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Re: Massive logout of IP phones

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Re: Massive logout of IP phones

Hey Rob

I'm really interested on see what they answer on this one.

i've tried before to do that but since the service is only used during the login and logout just a restart wouldn't do the trick

once the phones are pushed the EM profile they do not use the service until the automatic log-out timer expires

you're right on the other post, if you change any parameter like simultaneous login, logout max time, etc you need to logout and login for they to work

i know for a fact that in order to perform the logout a specific url string needs to be sent to the EM server so the service receives the request and performs all the process of pushing the log-out profile the phone has configured

i had once a cu who did a batch job using the MACs from the phones and told me it worked just fine

i'd really want to know what Jordi says if he tries the tomcat restart



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Re: Massive logout of IP phones

Hi all,

As we did the upgrade off-hours, the most part of the phones were already logged out due to timeout. Just around 50 phones were still logged in and we decided to log them out manually.

Anyway it will be interesting to find something to do it automatically in case it's necessary.

I'm sorry but I finally didn't test the restart of the tomcat service.

Thanks anyway,


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Re: Massive logout of IP phones

Hi All,

I've just done an upgrade from 4.2 to 6.1.3 However as this was done during office hours I was unable to log out any phones. I ran the DMA utility on the publisher without any errors. Once the new 6.1.3 publisher was built and brought online and the sub turned off all phones moved over seamlessly. However there were no services listed this was fixed after resetting all phones. I did experience tapi issues which was resolved by users logging out of their phones and back in.

Hope this helps.


Re: Massive logout of IP phones

yeah, we have done a 5000+ phones cluster as well, you need to reset the phones as the url's are different in 6.1

we did bulk logoff all users on the staged publisher, and bulk logged them in once the system was up, no issues at all

Re: Massive logout of IP phones

you can use AXL SOAP to log out users from a phone, I know where you can buy a tool that can log out based on a file with the phonenames.

drop me an email to find out more

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