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Max Message length an outside caller can leave.

I have a site running Unity that wants to allow certain mailbox to have outside callers leave upto a 1 hour message. I checked the class of service for these mailboxes, but the SA will only allow the max of 1200 sec.

Is there a way to raise this max. in the SA (Reg. edit or something)?

Cisco Employee

Re: Max Message length an outside caller can leave.

yes, you can adjust this in the registry under HKLM\Software\Active Voice\MIU\1.0\Initalization, the key is called "Record Absolute Maximum Length" and it defaults to 1,200,000 milliseconds (20 minutes). You can bump this up to a maximum of 3,600,000 milliseconds (60 minutes). The SA should respect this new value, however a restart of Unity is required I believe (it reads this at startup time only). Testing this on my 3.1(3) system it works fine, I believe 2.4.6 should have the same thing.

You can also get at this value using the Advanced Settings Tool which you can download off The setting in question is "Adjust maximum recording time".

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