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Max Number of Users

I am trying to understand the 2500 user limit of the GAL. As i understand it, the system need to be able to search the GAL to find the user in a finite time to be able to present the persons greeting and take the voice mail. Hence the 2500 user limit.<br><br>I believe that with regedit you can edit the search space which is the GAL by default. <br><br>Is it not possible to change this to point to the Site Recipients hence producing a 2500 user limit per Exchange site and utilise blind location address to send vm between sites.<br><br>damien<br><br>


Re: Max Number of Users

The 2500 user limit in the GAL was arrived at basically by load testing various systems, timing delays on lookups, logins, inter prompt spaces etc…

The GAL limitation is there specifically for networking scenarios (i.e. you have two Unity servers in the same organization that you want to allow addressing across). When searching for a spelled name or an ID when a subscriber is addressing a message, if networking is enabled and, we need to pop up to the GAL to look around since we can’t know where that other Unity server might reside in the organization. The GAL is not cached in RAM locally (as the local Unity server objects are) and is, of course, much larger than the local site. As such lookups take quite a bit longer. Unity 3.0 will address this with a much different scheme involving SQL and the like, but that wont release till later this year. I’ll post a document outlining networking details for 3.0 on my web site in a few weeks if folks are interested in looking it over (it’s around 35 pages and is a bit daunting, so I understand if folks aren’t banging my door down for it).

The search space is not the GAL by default. By default we are in “local plus locations” search mode (a concept going away for 3.0). We look for user matches locally first and then we’ll search for remote locations to determine if we need to expand the search beyond the local box. It’s a bit complex but we had to do it that way to limit the number of times we had to pop up to the GAL as much as possible. You can change the search scope to always be the GAL, but I strongly recommend against that unless you have a VERY small GAL.

You can always use blind addressing between sites and it’s very cheap. You only need to create one location object that “points” to the remote unity server in question and you can address to hundreds of folks using this method. No reason you can’t do this. You can also use “proxy user” addressing by making Internet Subscribers for each remote user, but of course this creates one object for each remote user and will eventually start bogging things down if you do enough of them… plus the administration overhead for keeping them up to date is daunting at best. Blind addressing is pretty clean and easy if folks are used to addressing by ID.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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