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Maximum Agents??

I have been reading over the docs on the IPCC Express packages and ahve noticed that it only supports 200 agents. Is that per server/callmanager cluster? since you have to create CTI Ports for each agent.

What if you have 300 agents all in one location?


Re: Maximum Agents??

That is per CRS Machine (it is also based on the server type your CRS box is on). Also, keep in mind this is concurrent agents. If you have 300 concurrent agents, you really need to look at IPCC Enterprise.


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Re: Maximum Agents??

What is the major difference between IPCC Enterprise and Cisco ICM Enterprise?

I know from IPCC Standard to enhanced gives you reporting capabilites, supervisor barge, ... I know both give you the capablities to dib into database for customer information retrieval.

I will do more reading as well.

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Re: Maximum Agents??

Cisco claims IPCC Express version 3.5 and 3.1 supports 200 Agents if and only if ALL the statements below are true:

The Server MUST BE a MCS7845 with a dual P4 processor with more than a Gig RAM

The Call duration per call should be more than 2 minutes.

For all other Servers (other than MCS7845) it has a maximum supported agents of 75 agents only (max).

Also interestingly even with a MCS 7845 Server with dual processor, if the call duration per call is typically less than 2 minutes it supports only upto 150 Agents (max).

The reason for the increase in Agent Counts in 3.5 is due to the fact that BHCC is lower when Call Duration is higher, which would mean lesser resources are used on the server.

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