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Maximum Bridge 3.01 port density?

Is the maximum port density for Unity Bridge 3.01 24 ports, or has this been increased??


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Re: Maximum Bridge 3.01 port density?

It is still 24 ports for 3.0(1). Also note that the the 7815I (IBM x205) platform currently available only has room for 5 TR114 cards so the max ports configurable on this server is 20. The Dell PE1400 can fit 6 TR114 cards (24 ports) and is still supported, but I'm not sure of the availability.

In Cisco Unity 4.0(3), Cisco Unity Bridge 3.0(1), you can use multiple Bridges pretty simply. The limitation being that not more than one Bridge can be configured for communication with the remote Octel node. The Interchange acts as one single large node to the Bridge. So in your case with the Interchange, you would be limited to a 20 or 24 ports for communication with the Interchange. If you had another Interchange, you could configure a separate 20 or 24 port Bridge to communicate with it because it would be a different node serial #.

But also note that the maximum analog ports available on an Interchange are 12 for the NAO/5P model and 30 for the MAP/100P model. So the current Bridge port limitation isn't that different than the Interchange itself. If you anticipate a situation where you'd have more than 24 analog ports of message traffic between Unity and a single Interchange, that's probably where using VPIM instead of the Bridge becomes desirable.

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