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Maximum lengh of voice mails per Subscriber

Indeed,<br><br>We can control the Max Message length for Outside callers leaving us a message.<br><br>The same is true for Max Messages legth for Subscribers leaving us a message.<br><br><br>The question I have then is : Is there a way to limit/control total number of minutes/seconds of messages (outside calls + susbcriber call) that are allowed per Subscriber?<br><br>TIA<br><br>


Re: Maximum lengh of voice mails per Subscriber

The length of messages outside callers can leave subscribers is adjustable on a per user basis on the messages page of the subscriber in the SA. Users can't adjust this themselves, it has to be done by an admin in the SA (i.e. this is not available on the AA or via the phone setup conversation). Admins need to have control over this.

The length of messages subscribers can leave is only controlled in the Class of Service, not on a per user basis. It's pretty rare that sites fiddle with this one much. Typically you'd want fellow coworkers to be able to leave you long messages but occasionally you get someone that feels the need to ramble just a little longer than is really necessary so you can stick them in a COS that tightens that down.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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