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Maximum number of CCM user


Does anybody can point me the link or webpage regarding to the maximum of users that I can configure in CCM?

I'd like to follow datasheet like if my server is 7845 then I can have approximately 7500 users. But I'm not quite sure this is a proper estimation.

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Re: Maximum number of CCM user

DC-Directory supports up to 5 million directory entries on a single server, and a theoretically unlimited number of entries across a multi-server distributed directory.

The recommended number of entries per server will depend on the particular usage scenarios and requirements, and the nature of the data held in the directory.


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Re: Maximum number of CCM user

Can you please provide clarification on your answer?

So a single call manager will work with an LDAP directory that has 5 million users?

Re: Maximum number of CCM user

Actually, he is talking about DC Directory which was the local x.500 directory option for customers deploying Call Manager 3.x/4.x.  I am not sure about the scalability potential of DC Directory.  I just wanted to clarify that it wasn't (thread was from 2006) that was being discussed.



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Re: Maximum number of CCM user

The 7,500 figured mentioned for the 7845 refers more to the supported number of phones than users. This is a rough estimation and any large deployment should be planned using the appropriate capacity planning tools.

CUCM uses a server clustering design with the typical maximum number of phones per cluster being 30,000 although Cisco have deployed "mega-clusters" for some customers that exceed this number. Clusters can also be linked together and newer versions of CUCM support cross-cluster extension mobility so the limits are fairly elastic.

The best place to understand CUCM is at the SRND design guide.

I am sure that if you have a requirement for 5 million users your local Cisco office would love to talk to you .

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