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Maxium number of AMIS users in a DL

My client has a VM environment (Therefore, people can't blindly send emails to an AMIS DL). For the period of migrating from the traditional PBX to Cisco Callman/Unity, I will be creating DL that may consist of a combination of Unity and AMIS subscribers. I have a few questions in regard to this:<br><br>1) What's the maximum number of AMIS subscribers that i can have in a DL? (knowing that it will send only one message to one recipient at at time through the specified VM ports).<br><br>2) Can we include AMIS subscribers in the All Subscribers' DL? <br><br>3) Any other limitations NOT covered in the AMIS networking paper?<br><br>Systems Engineer


Re: Maxium number of AMIS users in a DL

There are no limits on the number of AMIS subscribers you can add to any public distribution list, all subscribers included. The limitation is the amount of analog bandwidth you can lay your hands on when delivering messages.

If you send a 1 minute message to a DL that contains 500 AMIS users that will require 500 minutes of analog port time to deliver... if you have 5 ports configured to dialout AMIS lines you're looking at nearly two hours of constant delivery just to get that one message over there. Kinda painful, joy of AMIS.

there is no hard and fast formula for this I can cough up for you, it really depends on the message traffic, how many ports you have configured for AMIS dialout, how many users you're talking about etc...

one trick for working around this is to have a single "dummy" subscriber added to a DL that sends one message across to the remote system and have that user on the other side copy it's messages to all the users in the remote mail system for you. Kind of an administration headache but this means only one message gets delivered analog to that remote system even if it's going to 500 users. This was a fairly common trick we used in older voice mail systems I've worked on.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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