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MCM configuration for Video QoS

So i thought i would do a video over IP implementation and the following is the scenario.

Four sites connected via ATM with at least 2 mbps of bandwidth per link. Hardware is Cisco 3600's at all sites.

After doing some research and reading through a good deal of this forum I realize that CB-WFQ and LLQ for QoS is the way to go. Cisco's MCM will also need to be used in order to identify H.323 traffic for QoS handling. I will be dealing with desktop video as well as using Polycom Conferencing units. My questions concerning MCM are these:

1) I am only interested in the Qos features in the Proxy setup so do I still need to configure the Gatekeeper aspects of MCM?

2) Is there any configuration needed on the Polycom end in order to get the QoS benefits of MCM?

3) Does anyone out there have configuration examples of a similar implementation, specifically the MCM configuration, I could reference while setting this up?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: MCM configuration for Video QoS

In answer to your questions...

1.) Gatekeeper and QoS proxy works in tandem so you need at lease one GK in the network. Multiple proxies can work off a single gatekeeper.

2.) No config on the Polycom is necessary other than identifying its appropriate gatekeeper. No matter what you put in the Polycom for IP Prec setting, the proxy will change that value to the setting you've configured in the proxy.

3.) Config examples addressed under separate cover...

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