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New Member

MCS-7815 and Hot-Standby Server

I am trying to hook two of these servers up together. I am installing it like a normal call manager cluster with one publisher and one subsciber, however it is not working. It seems like they need to be hooked up via a "hot-standby server" but I see nowhere to configure this or any documentaion on this. Does anyone know where to find info on this or how these are suppose to be hooked up.



Cisco Employee

Re: MCS-7815 and Hot-Standby Server

CallManager doesn't use a "hot-standby server".

Please explain in detail what you are trying to configure and what is not working.

New Member

Re: MCS-7815 and Hot-Standby Server

Here's an excerpt from the product catalog:

"The Cisco Media Convergence Server 7815-1000 (MCS 7815-1000) is the platform designed to address the needs of locations requiring 200 IP phones or less. The MCS 7815-1000 can be configured to provide N+1 redundancy for a location through the installation of a second MCS 7815-1000 acting as a hot-standby server. "

However I believe we got it working, it seems call manager does not play well connected to a domain, once we disconnected from the domain the installation of the subscriber went well. It just threw me off in the documentation with the new terms such as "hot-standby server" and also saying the 7815 can not cluster. But they can!

Cisco Employee

Re: MCS-7815 and Hot-Standby Server

Hmmm, interesting. I have not seen the term hot-standby in conjunction with CallManager. This seems to be a marketing term, notice the "acting as". The reality is that you are clustering the two servers, just that one of them will do all of the call processing and the other serves as a backup, thus "acting as" a hot standby.

Not sure where you saw that the 7815 cannot cluster, unless it is this page:

Where it references Max number of phones per cluster and it indicates not applicable for the 7815. I just think that this means, due to processing power, that you can't grow this server into a cluster of more than two servers supporting more than 200 phones. Again, marketing.

New Member

Re: MCS-7815 and Hot-Standby Server

Hi Ken,

I think I had the same problem. I was trying to set up two MCS-7815 as a Cluster with CCM 3.2. It was impossible to integrate the Subscriber properly into the Cluster.

I did the installation a few times always with the same problem.

After a while of troubleshooting with the TAC the Installation worked fine.

Here is the solution how it should work:

1. Ensure DNS and WINS Name-Resolution works fine. It´s absolutely necessary for Database subscription. To get sure edit the hosts and lmhosts files.

2. Synchronize the passwords for SQLSvc on Pub and Sub. A special document for doing this could be found on CCO (unfortunately I don´t have the link, if necessary I will send you the doc by mail)

3. Recreate the subscription

4. ensure that the DBLMonitor Service has the SQLSvc user for logon

5. go to CCMAdmin webpage Service -> Service-Parameters -> Subscriber and activate all necessary services

6. go to Start -> Program Files -> Callmanager -> Cisco-Service-Configuration and check if all necessary services are enabled

7. Restart the servers

I hope this helps