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MCS-7825 & 2 NICS working


I have a customer with MCS-7825 &CCM 3.1, and he configure both Ethernet NICs to work with CCM, in 2 different IP networks. I saw in the manual that CCM only support one NIC, but my customer configure both, and appear that it's running OK. Can somebody confirm that there could be no problem working in this way ?

Thanks a lot for your oppinion.

Regards, Anacelia

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Re: MCS-7825 & 2 NICS working

Yes, although it is not a recommended configuration, it should not be a problem as long as you donot end up with any registration or call setup issues or any one way voice issues.

If there is a problem the first thing to do would be to disable one of the NIC and see if the problem goes away.

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Re: MCS-7825 & 2 NICS working

I'm assuming in this environment you don't have a router between the two networks..? If any device on one lan tries to call any device in the other lan, it won't work without a router. You could turn on RRAS, but now you're really getting yourself unsupported..

Good Luck,


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Re: MCS-7825 & 2 NICS working

Could you please let me know,what do u do with Enterprise parameters as normally we give IP add. of the Call manager.Im trying to do similar setup but was stuck in this.Thanks in advance.



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