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MCS 7835 Call Manager no disk space

We have a MCS 7835 server with a 18.2Gbyte drive. It's close to running out of disk space. There is a file that is 3Gbytes in size called CDR.DMP and it's on the C:\ root directory and gets modified when the backup takes place. On another Call Manager it's in C:\sti\Backup\CM\callmanagername\ directory which I think is the default location.

I want to change the location of where this file gets written, eg to a network drive, but don't know where you specifiy the location. Does anyone know?


Re: MCS 7835 Call Manager no disk space

The CDR.dmp will most likely be written on the local machine itself, and if it keeps growing in size with each backup, there is a bug for this.

CSCdv44292 Bug Details

SYMPTOMS: CallManager available hard drive space diminishing over time

CONDITIONS: Locating the files CCM030x.DMP and CDR.DMP in particular will yield

dramatically growing size over time.

WORKAROUND: If hard drive space is at a premium, the CDR.DMP and CCM030x.DMP files

may be removed once the MCS.TAR / MCS.STI file has been physically backed up and verified.

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Re: MCS 7835 Call Manager no disk space

Thanks, I already found that. But if you delete these files they just get created the same size the next time the backup is run. What I want to do is change the location where it gets written to a network drive. Do you know how I would do that?

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Re: MCS 7835 Call Manager no disk space

In case you don't need a backup of the Call Detail Records (CDRs), you should disable it.

Right-click the backup tool -> configure settings -> uncheck the "include Database Option" (its within the CDR Database option on the CallManager tab)

The CDR.dmp creation will then be skipped during the backup process



Re: MCS 7835 Call Manager no disk space

Also, you should limit the number of CDR records you allow to be saved. Set this under Service Parameters -> DBL -> Max CDR Records

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