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MCS server causing a lot of trouble


We just received 2 MCS 7825 servers and i have already wasted 5 hours installing callmanager on them. Here is the problem.

I do not see a hardware detection CD with callmanager software bundle that came along with the servers.

So i try to boot from the OS cd. I am able to boot from the cd and tried to install the OS, but i end up getting a blue screen on one server and the other server just hangs after I reboot.

I tried using the HP smart start cd, it does not detect the controller in the server and also when i click on deloy the server and choose the OS to install(win 2000), and then pop in the OS cd that came with the softwate package it comes back with the error and says that the CD is incorrect and does not have OS on it.

What am i missing here? what is the right way to install the callmanager?


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Re: MCS server causing a lot of trouble

You defentielty need the Hardware Detection CD for your specific server HP vs IBM. Any other installation is unsupported and will not work. If you cannot locate it in the CCM pakage open a TAC case to get it.


Re: MCS server causing a lot of trouble

If this is a 7825H1, which requires a 2000.4.x OS, you wont have a hardware detection cd in the kit. The main purpose of the new OS disk is that it has built in hardware detction, OS install files, no need to enter CD keys any more etc. This reduces installation time.

Do you know what the blue screen error exactly say?

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Re: MCS server causing a lot of trouble

Yes it is a 7825H1 server and I am using the 2000.4.x CD to install, the blue screen tells me something about drivers, not sure, i will look it up again. 1 server gives me a blue screen and the other goes through the install and then when i reboot it i do not see the desktop, just the backgroud.

Also, on both servers the hard drive lights do not blink, the hard drives appear to be dead as far as the LED on them is concerned.

Any ideas?


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