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MCS7800 Boot Problems

I’m doing the CallManager installation in the MCS7830 server and when I finish and Reboot the Server they Crash and present a blue Screen with the next mess. “Inaccessible _ boot _ device“, The server is new, and the Installation CDs are Automatics…

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Re: MCS7800 Boot Problems

Not sure if the MCS7830 has a SCSSI drives or ATA. The problem you describe sounds like the same problem you get if you install Windows and you do not hit F6 to supply the needed SCSSI drivers (right at when you first start the installation - you have to be quick or it will go away on you). Windows will install but then on reboot it cannot find the drive(s)

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Re: MCS7800 Boot Problems

sounds like the server was shipped with the wrong hard drive controller. Thats the same message I've gotten a few times when using 3rd party hardware (servers from Compaq/HP that are supposed to be identical to the MCS servers).

If it's a MCS box, you should probably verify from the datasheet that it has the right hardware & if so, then open a TAC case...

If it's a MCS equivalent server from compaq/HP, you might want to look at:

to make sure it is really the equivalent...


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