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MCU 3510/3540 and IP Multicast

I am designing a videoconferencing H.323 corporate network infraestructure and I have some questions related with multiconferencing and WAN bandwidth planning.

I am planning a MCU in a central site and 3 H.323 terminals on a remote site that need to join to a MCU service on voice activated switching for e-learning.

I understand that on Voice activated switching mode, the stream that the MCU sends to all the participants is the same. In order to preserve bandwith on the WAN link, this MCU service working as IP multicast would be the right solution.

a) I can’t find any document where indicates if MCU services or Cisco MCM could work on IP Multicast mode with any videoconferencing application for multiconferencing. I found vague indications on a white paper ( but not in technical detail.

b) I have also information about VCON interactive multicast technology for VCON Meeting Point software. Does it work with Cisco MCM, MCUs arquitecture?

c) Also, in voice-activated mode, are all the participants sending all the time their respective streams to the MCU or only the selected terminal of who is speaking at this moment?

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Re: MCU 3510/3540 and IP Multicast

a)The 3510/3540 MCUs do not support IP multicast for stream delivery.

b)VCON's interactive multicast technology does not require an MCU for operation - it operates in lieu of an MCU. It does however work with the Cisco MCM

c)In voice-activated mode, all endpoints continue to send their video streams whether in the voice-activated display or not

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Re: MCU 3510/3540 and IP Multicast

Do your vc infrastructure include internet users?

Is it possible to vc with internet users which include the mcu?

I can't do that. Please reply.

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